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EIFS (Exterior Insulation Finish Systems)

EIFS is not stucco. The term "stucco" is an ambiguous term, but is most commonly used to refer to EIFS in Ontario. Traditional stucco, otherwise known as Portland Cement Plaster, is a centuries-old non-insulating material. Stucco consists of sand,Portland Cement, and water,
and is a hard, dense, thick, non-insulating material.
   EIFS is a lightweight wall cladding system that includes foam plastic insulation and acrylic coatings. EIFS is the beautiful material you see on homes that has a fine texture, is typically customized with mouldings, details, and has an unlimited range of colours. Architectural coatings (EIFS) are changing the face of architecture. More and more architects and builders are choosing acrylic coatings over conventional building systems.     EIFS are recognized for maximizing energy efficiency and reducing moisture penetration. These systems are virtually maintenance free and are very cost competitive. It is the flexibility of colour, shape, texture and dimension that has stimulated architects, and designers to create new and exciting modern designs. EIFS stucco is strong, high in R value (for energy conservation), no-load-bearing and non-porous surface to your home's exterior.
   EIFS stucco provides style, elegance, beauty and versatility to create any style and designs desired, for both residential and commercial buildings (projects) and it is a good choice for new and old buildings..

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